Forever Young I want to be, Forever Young

We bet you’ve been contemplating the issue of ageing for quite some time and you’ve thought it was very unfortunate that we will all eventually lose out great looks. Of course, there is absolutely nothing exciting about looking into the mirror, staring at the face covered in wrinkles. But things are much easier now since science has created lots of different treatments for ageing, the most popular of all being Botox. There are many reasons why Botox is extraordinarily popular. These range from its safety to its universal accessibility.

Just to elaborate on the last point, we can explore some Botox NYC options. There are lots of clinics that provide Botox injections in New York, one of the most popular of these being Miracle Face MedSpa. The latter’s popularity is coined by two facts – affordability and additional free of charge benefits it provides. These Botox NYC options prove Botox’s universal availability as well as accessibility all over the place.

Since many of you are aware of Botox, we’d love to explore some of the more interesting aspects of this medical miracle that you might not have heard of before.

History 101

Botox’s history is very rich because it took many, many years for it to get approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002. What is implied by many years is around two centuries as the substance behind Botox – Botulinum Toxin – was discovered by a German medical officer Justinus Kerner back in 1820. He was investigating a tough epidemic of food poisoning from sausages, containing Botulinum toxin. Kerner figured that Botulinum worked in an interestingly insidious way – that is, freezing certain muscles instead of simply disseminating all over one’s body.

Tons of research have been conducted ever since, proving the safety and effectiveness of Botox as a beauty treatment. The body of research was instrumental in having Botox approved by FDA at the turn of the beginning of the 21st century.

The reason FDA was finally willing to approve Botox was because the mechanism was perfect to an extent at which no harm could be caused to the patient. This safety lies in the mechanism behind Botox – the injection freezes the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. What this means is that muscles are forced to stop working and so is done locally to preclude the risk of Botulinum spreading all over the body.

Botox = No Depressed

Another extraordinarily interesting fact about Botox is that it could treat depression. Now, it does seem odd to claim this but let’s not jump to conclusions just yet and dissect the argument.

So… Some researchers have made an interesting observation: those who got Botox injections were less prone to depression because the muscles responsible for frowning were frozen. Yes, it turns out that when Botulinum freezes the muscles, therefore blocking one’s ability to frown, the brain stops receiving negative signals. In other words, failure to frown is perceived by the brain as an indicator of the fact that the person is feeling just alright.